Eightshift Development Kit TEST

Eightshift Development Kit contains all the tools you need to start building a modern WordPress theme, using all the latest front-end and back-end development tools.

Let's brag a little about what you can expect from this setup:

  • Custom block editor blocks - Easily use our pre-made, 100% customizable existing block editor blocks & components or create your own. We focus on dynamic blocks for developers.
  • OOP - All code is written following the latest object-oriented programming paradigms (abstract classes, interfaces, dependency injection, namespacing).
  • WP-CLI - Build your application with pre-made features that you can access with a single command using the terminal.
  • Webpack - Modern assets & building process that you can customize.
  • SASS - Easy-to-learn CSS on steroids.
  • Autoprefixing - You don't have to worry if your code will work on older browsers.
  • JS Compiler (Babel) - Write JS using the latest features and let Webpack worry about making it work across all browsers.
  • Synchronised browser testing - Automatically minifies your production assets (JS / CSS) during the build process.
  • Minifying - Automatically minifies your production assets (JS / CSS) during the build process.
  • PHPCS - Helps you write better code with automatic code linting for PHP, SCSS, and JS.
  • Easy SASS media queries - Build your application with easy-to-use media queries that are connected to blocks.
  • Cache busting - Each time you build assets, we generate a new URL for each asset file. This means you'll never see the old cached version while developing or after pushing your code to production.

To use it, you need to understand what makes boilerplate tick. In theory, this is simple; you have two parts.

1. Eightshift Libs - docs | github

This is where all the back-end (PHP) code is kept. Think abstract classes, interfaces, dependency injection, namespacing, asset enqueuing, filter & actions.

2. Eightshift Frontend Libs - docs | github

This is where all the front-end (JS, SCSS, assets) code is kept.